A new IronMen Group option

IRONMEN ART nobkrdverse

All of our current IronMen groups meet early in the morning before most workplace start times.  Part of the focus of IronMen has been strengthening husbands and fathers. Meeting at night often competes with family time and requires the wives and children to bear a heavier load around the house.  It’s for this reason we’ve not had evening time IronMen groups.  However, we realize that some men work different shifts that prevent them from being able to be a part of a morning group.  With that in mind we’re launching a special IronMen group on Thursday evening next week.  Here is who this group is for and not for:

  • The evening group is for men who have a work schedule that prevents a morning group meeting like an early bird shift or 3rd shift in some cases.
  • The evening class is NOT for men who just don’t like getting up early. Part of the IronMen experience is about challenging yourself to be more devoted to discipleship and community than sleeping in.  It’s a discipline that helps us become better men.
  • The evening group is for you if you’re a single guy.
  • The evening group is NOT for you if it puts stress on your spouse or prevents you from being able to spend quality time with your kids.

If you want to join our IronMen Thursday evening group, go HERE.


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