10 Years in the making…


During the month of July we’re going to be celebrating our church’s 10-year anniversary, culminating on the week of July 28th-31st with a huge Sunday celebration and Wednesday evening church-wide party.  Throughout the month you’ll see features here on the Blog and in our Sunday gatherings promoting this time of celebration.  NorthStar celebrating 10 years as a church means 10 years of God stories.  Stories of how God used a sermon, a person, or a circumstance to change your life.  We would love to celebrate YOUR God story this month.  How has God moved in your life? Share it here in the comment section for others to read or e-mail us HERE.

Our goal is to bring glory to the One who has worked powerfully in and through the church called NorthStar.  We want to lift high the name of Jesus for what He has done and will continue to do!


2 thoughts on “10 Years in the making…

  1. Three years ago I hit rock bottom in my life. My sister and two other members of Northstar came and ministered to my and invited me to attend services. I didn’t hesitate. I have been rebuilding my walk with Jesus every day since. My vine has grown in that I invited the lady I started dating at the time, with her came a daughter and 2 sons. The daughter and her husband were saved during Easter services at the Tennessee Theater in 2012. One son has been saved during COW. This family is living for the Lord and our Northstar family is awesome loving and supportive. GOD BLESS and Happy 10th Anniversary!

  2. Every time I drive by Northstar Church on the interstate, I look over and say “God bless the bubble!” I say a quick prayer for the church and thank God, for He has so richly blessed our family and many, many, many others by bringing them to this sweet church called Northstar! What a precious family this church has become, chosen by God alone!

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