Day 10 – Expanding your tent

10January 16th – Expanding your tent

Author: Sharon Horn

Today’s Scripture Reading: Psalm 25


“Enlarge the place of your tent. Stretch your tent curtains wide. Do not hold back.

Lengthen your cords. Strengthen your stakes.”

Isaiah 54:2


We’re creatures of comfort and habit. It’s out tendency to resist being stretched. But “if”, to quote Mark Twain, “we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always got.”  Our lives no longer bear a fresh vitality and fruitfulness for God’s purpose.

The people of Israel were experiencing spiritual barrenness, thirsty for God to do something in their lives. When we substitute a personal and vibrant “God and me” relationship with religious routines, habits and a general indifference to God’s presence and work around us, we, like the Israelites, are likely to experience our own measure of spiritual immaturity and emptiness, becoming spiritually soft and disconnected with our Father.

Isaiah says that when God comes, we must make room for Him. We must “enlarge the place of our tents” because His presence will add new dimensions and opportunities for influence. He has plans for a bigger work and a bigger purpose, and will stretch us to do things for Him we have never dreamed of doing.

However, for that to take place with any measure of effectiveness, we must expand our capacity for God. We cannot simply “add” Him to an already busy life and carry on as usual. God created us to know Him and to make Himself known through us as we covet – and intentionally cultivate intimacy in – our relationship with Him. When we invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, God will unleash all of His fullness in us.

God needs expandable tents – with long cords and strong stakes. God can – and will – always use us when we are able to change and grow with what He is doing. When Jesus is truly our Lord, it changes everything. We can expect life to become richer and fuller as God demonstrates His power through us in increasing measure.

Prayer Focus: Ask the Lord to stretch you today and build your faith in Him.


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