Shining a Light on Modern Day Slavery


This past Sunday we kicked off our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting by focusing on praying for those in need.  There is no greater people in need than the 27 Million people, mostly women and children, trapped in modern-day slavery.  For many this was shock to you.  You didn’t even know this kind of evil really existed outside of the movies.  It can be hard to accept and even come up with a response to this kind of evil.  However, we can not ignore it as God’s people.  He has called us to be a light for him and bring justice where there is no justice and hope where there is no hope. Not only will we pray and fast for girls like Sonya who need to be rescued, (See picture of Scott) we will do something about it.  We will create awareness and shine a light on this injustice.  We cannot sit by and ignore this.  The first step in eradicating this is to create awareness.  Below you’ll find the “Freedom Film“.  Watch it.  Watch it alone, or better yet with a group.  Additionally, visit the White Umbrella Campaign and the End it Movement website.



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