Modern Family Tool Box: Choosing to Cheat


Sunday in our Modern Family series we talked about “Choosing to Cheat”.  If you missed the message you can watch or listen to it HERE.

It is critical that we learn to cheat lesser things in life for the greater thing, especially our families.  In the message I mentioned the pivotal moment in my life where things changed and I began to “cheat” the right way.  That moment was at a leadership conference being held at North Point Community Church where Andy Stanley serves as pastor.  In the breakout session he did for pastors he discussed the principle of “Choosing to Cheat” which later became a book: When work and family collide.

I’ve lost track of how many of these small books that I’ve bought and given out to men and women who needed to learn how to cheat the right way.  I encourage you to purchase a copy and read it with your spouse or LifeGroup.  It will take you deeper on this journey than I could in 40 minutes Sunday.  You’ll here stories from those who learned to cheat and how they did it. Don’t let the rock drop!

– Brad


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