New service times and why you should come early

stThis weekend (December 2nd) we launch a new worship service schedule on Sundays.  We will resume a 2 service schedule with the 1st service beginning at 9:30am and the 2nd service starting at 11:15am.  The times are strategically designed to be more family friendly and produce a “50/50” split in attendance to allow us space for continued growth.

Come Early! Here are three reasons why:

1.) We’ve added several seats to the auditorium to make room for more people.  Our primary goal is not growth.  Our #1 goal is to bring Glory to God through making disciples.  He has seen fit to bless us incredibly and as such our attendance has grown on the weekend substantially over the last 2 years.  We recommend you plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to make parking and getting a seat a much easier experience.

2.) When you arrive early it helps our volunteers significantly.  It is difficult to do children’s check-in, help everyone find a parking spot and seat when the bulk of the crowd arrives just before OR as the service is starting.

3.) It can be an act of worship to come early and prepared.  Our heartfelt desire as leaders is to lead our church to be Christ centered in all we do.  It’s possible for all of us to drift into “consumer” mode in our Christian walk.  When that happens we see church is a place where we get, instead of give.  When our mindset is that the weekend is a place to offer worship and gratitude to Christ, it changes the way we prepare for worship.

Consider setting the alarm back 10 minutes early, or just leaving the house sooner.  Dads – help mom get the kids ready.

It’s going to be a great weekend as we continue our Modern Family Series. See you there…early!


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