Modern Family Tool Box: Adultery, Repentance and Restoration Part 3

What happens when the dream get shattered and can’t be put back together.  In our last post we introduced you to Justin and Trisha Davis of Refines Us Ministries.  They address this question in one of their posts:

When You Can’t Put The Pieces Back Together

Each week we receive emails from men and women that read our blog faithfully. They too had a vision for their marriage. They dreamed of happily ever after. Some have kids. Some have a house with a white picket fence. All of them had the desire for a life that is drastically different than what they are living. Their questions are similar:

“What do I do when my husband doesn’t come back?”

“How do I move forward when my wife won’t go to counseling?”

“It’s great for you that you were able to put the pieces back together, but that isn’t my story.”



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