Modern Family Tool Box: Overcoming Addictions

Overcoming addictions can be challenging to the point where it truly feels impossible. Addictions are complex and entangling   However, as believers we know that while the power of sin still exists in this world – we do not have to be slaves to it.

It’s not easy or simple.  It’s not a matter of just “trying harder”. Actually just “trying harder” almost always leads to greater frustration.  Realizing that our fallen nature and dependency on the Gospel that comes from Jesus Christ is our true hope.  When we’re addicted to something – we are slaves.  Slaves need a higher power to free them.  Jesus is our higher power and offers freedom from forgiveness.

We want to offer some suggestions and next steps to those struggling with addictions:

Step One: Below is a video message on Overcoming Addictions as a beginning step.

Step Two: Consider a Recovery Group.  Often times it takes more than just you to break the cycle of addiction.  There is no shame in that.  Part of belonging to a Biblical community is finding the support and help we need in trying circumstances.  The Apostle Paul needed Barnabas – so it’s OK for you to need the help of others.  There are a couple of churches in the area that we partner with from time to time in ministry.  One of our friends is Faith Promise Church.  The have a number of Celebrate Recovery Groups that can help with everything from divorce care to chemical dependency issues. Visit their Celebrate Website for more information: 

Step Three: Consider Counseling.  According to the Bible, humans are both physical and spiritual beings.  Sometimes we need a Biblical Counselor to help us navigate professionally through our addictions or hangups.  If you feel you need Biblical Counseling fill out this confidential form and one of our leaders will be in touch with you for a referral.


Tomorrow’s Resource: What happens when unfaithfulness rocks our marriage and family?


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