Modern Family Tool Box: MONEY MONEY MONEY

Outside of infidelity  there is no greater point of conflict in marriage and relationship that finances.  In Modern Family Part 3 we focused on becoming free from financial pressure so that you no longer:

1) Have to be a slave to debt
2) Feel the strain of financial pressure on your relationships
3) Miss out of the blessing of being generous

Here are resources to help you reduce debt, get on a budget and experience freedom!


Debt Snowball Tool

Need help understanding the method? Visit HERE.


Financial Peace Paper Budge

Interactive MS Excel Budget

Mint (Web Based and Smart Based Budget Platform)

FREE Financial Coaching

We’re committed to helping you achieve financial freedom for your sake  and the Gospel’s sake.  If you need financial coaching to make a plan to become debt free and construct a working budget, we’re offering Free Financial Coaching.

Signup HERE



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