Modern Family Tool Box: 10 Keys to Fighting Fair

This past Sunday in Modern Family Part 2: He Said, She Said Pastor Scott unpacked 10 keys to fighting fair.  If you missed the message you an listen to or watch it HERE. Here are the 10 Keys to Fighting Fair:

Ten Keys to Fighting Fair

 1. Pray, pray, pray!  Before, during, after.  (Neh. 2:4) (James 5:16)

 2. Deal with Issue ASAP!  (Eph. 4: 26-27)

 3. Stay on the issue

 4. Don’t listen, HEAR them!  (James 1:19)

(Heart, eyes, acknowledge, restate)

 5. Never use never or always

 6. Always attack the problem, not the person!

 7. Avoid Belittling (Proverbs 15:1)

 8. Take breaks, allow time to cool down.

  10. LOVE!  (I Peter 4:8)9. Don’t Fight to Win, Resolve!


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