Modern Family Tool Box: Communication Guidelines

This week’s Modern Family Tool Box resources are designed to help you reduce the amount of conflict in your relationships and help you better engage in conflict when it arises.  Learning to communicate effectively will reduce the amount of conflict in your life significantly.  Think it’s over-rated? Give these guidelines a good faith effort for 10 days and see what happens.  To help you become a better communicator I want to share a document you can download from my own tool box called: 10 Communication Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to help you engage in healthy communication.

Communication Guidelines

1. Be a ready listener and do not answer until the other person is finished talking,

2. Be slow to speak. Think fast. Don’t be quick with your words. Speak in such a way that the other person can understand and accept what you say.

3. Speak the truth always, but do it in love. Do not exaggerate.

4. Do not use silence to frustrate the other person. Explain why you are hesitant to talk at this time.

5. Do not become involve with quarrels. It is possible to disagree without quarreling.

6. Do not respond in anger. Use a soft and kind response.

7. When you are in the wrong, admit it, and ask for forgiveness. When someone confesses to you, tell them you forgive them. Be sure it is forgotten, and not brought up to the person again.

8. Avoid nagging.

9. Do not blame or criticize the other, but restore them, encourage them, build them up. If someone responds to you with a verbal attack, criticism, or blame, do not respond in like manner.

10. Try to understand the other person’s opinion. Make allowances for differences. Be concerned about their interests.


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