Introducing the Modern Family Tool Box

The challenges of the modern family are so significant we felt we needed to spend 6 weeks addressing the issues many families face from conflict to finances.  We want to do more than just offer sermons on Sunday.  Every week I’ll be posting tools for you to use to help strengthen your relationships and your family. Make sure to check the Blog every Monday and Tuesday during the series, OR just subscribe by e-mail to be notified automatically when we have new content for you.

This week’s Modern Family Tool Box resource is designed to help you reduce the amount of conflict in your relationships and help you better engage in conflict when it arises.  In my counseling sessions I often tell couples that 90% of communication is effective listening.  To help you become a better listener I want to share a document from my own tool box called: 10 Keys to Effective Listening.

Download this PDF file and review it with your spouse or kids – or anyone you need to improve communication with!

Check back tomorrow for another resource to help you communicate better!

Brad Raby


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