Modern Family Family Health Assessment

In Sunday’s message Pastor Scott created some healthy tension.  At the outset of our new series, Modern Family, we created a Healthy Family Assessment Test.  If you didn’t take the test you can download it HERE.  The purpose of the test was to help us intentionally gauge the climate of our family life.  In most cases we only examine ourselves when there is a crisis.  The problem is, by that time great damage has been done.  Feelings are hurt, divorce is on the table, and the kids are out of control.

If you haven’t already – take the test.

If you’re married, take it separately and then compare your answers one at time.  If you find yourself more than appoint apart on any question, that is an area of your relationship or family life that needs to be discussed.  If a wife scores her husband’s proficiency at meeting her emotional needs as a 2, but he thinks he’s performing at a level 4 – then there is a communication breakdown.  If you have older kids, give them the freedom to take the test and speak into your life.

This is hard because it creates tension. It’s easier to keep going and not to stir up any emotions that create conflict.  However, overtime the divide will only grow.  This takes courage. It may even require apologies and deep self-evaluation.  It would be easier to just lower the expectations and standards, but Jesus doesn’t let us Christians do that.

So how healthy is your marriage and family? How healthy do you want it to be?


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