Audacious Stories: Less Than Audacious Faith, but…

There are times when it is hard to have Audacious faith and pray Audacious prayers.  Let this story from Bob encourage you in this truth.  When our faith is less than audacious, maybe even as small as a mustard seed, Our God is still Audacious, Powerful and Faithful!

Whenever Scott preached the first audacious series I had a son whom I was disconnected with for a long time. We had no contact and he made it clear that he never wanted to hear from me again. It had in fact been so long that our relationship had been broken that I had become (OK) with it. After the audacious prayer message I kind of half-heartedly put my request in, it went kind of like this: “If there is any way please restore my relationship with Paul and bring healing to us”. I have to admit that I really didn’t have much faith it would happen. However I did have a little faith because I asked. Also, at this time I had a son who was an avowed atheist and away from God. Again, I asked God to send someone in his life who would help him. He recently received his PHD from LSU and was taking great pride in his intellectual abilities. It is with great joy and thanksgiving that this Sunday both sons were in service with me! I am literally about to overflow. Paul, the estranged son, has not been to my house in 15 years and he wanted to come a day early. As we stood in line at the communion table I saw the so-called atheist get in line behind me. God had brought him into contact with a Methodist pastor in a coffee shop and when we attended graduation we went to his church where he was singing in the choir and helping teach Sunday School!!!

What can I say and what could I ever render to the Lord for His benefits? God is so wonderful, God is AUDACIOUSLY WONDERFUL.

Bob Rhodes


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