Audacious Stories: My Marriage

I wanted to share with Northstar our audacious answered prayers. After years of praying, God answered my prayer that my husband would begin to become the spiritual leader of our household. I prayed that he would devote time to read God’s word and set aside regular time to study the Bible. As we were driving home this past Sunday, after Pastor Scott’s message on Audacious Sacrifice, my husband showed me what he had written on his index card. It said “Get into God’s word.” My eyes welled up with tears and my heart soared. He works nights and gets home at 3:30 am each morning. Typically, the first thing he does when he gets home is turn on ESPN Sports Center to wind down. Yet, his sacrifice was to get into the Word instead and not even turn the on TV. His sacrifice was to try and become the spiritual leader of our household. I love my husband so much and thank God for blessing me with almost thirty years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. I can already see a change in him, as he begins to grow in his faith and begins to step up as the leader of our home. My sacrifice was to give up control and to be a loving and submissive wife.  My prayer also, is that by me stepping out of the Lord’s way, that God will bless us with a God-sized marriage through His power! wow! VERY AUDACIOUS!
Thanks and God Bless our wonderful NorthStar staff. I pray for each of you daily.


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