God Stories

At NorthStar Church we desire to lead people to become devoted followers of Christ.  We are a church for the broken and hurting.  We believe in the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives. And WE LOVE to hear storied of life change.  God Stories.

We love hearing about what is happening in your life.

Share Your God Story Here.


One thought on “God Stories

  1. since attending NORTHSTAR I personaly can tell a rejuvinated spirit and change in my demeanor i thank god for this body od the church and the change in me the cleansing of my body and the tough task of cleansing and rejuvinating my mind. God is awesome my god story is,, I moved to Knoxville in feb. 2010 started working at open arms care as a caregiver at this time i was living with my girlfriend talking about getting married , unofficially and smoking pot, cigarettes and drinking and being untrue to my noiw wife. i got asked if i would take a client to church well weeks later GOD started working on me i was baptized saved and reborn that july and that was the best feeling ever yes better than ngetting married and watching my son be born. and god continuously is working through me. the following november (11-5-11) me and my awesome godly beautiful candle making hard working flatout best wife ever became mr. and mrs younce. God has blessed us so muchn that when i called work after the how to cheat sunday i was released the followind thursday (12-13-12) and since then my life has truly been given a peace like never before. following the Lords will is not conforming to this world and to your job and to peoples approval. i am not a conformist nor a people pleaser i am a born again christian with the spirirt of JESUS CHRIST inside me and i am here to love all and tospread the things that god has done to, for, thru, and will continue to do with me i am his clay my life is his. in closing my bible verse has always been JOSHUA 1:9 witch says ‘Have not i commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:for the LORD thy GOD is with thee withersoever thou goest.” in my words GODS commanding dont be scared be strong not only physical but every aspect especially spiritually because GOD is always with you. good night. god bless

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